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Project Learning from Experience of PES Practitioners in EU is implemented under the Operational Programme Human Resources and Employment (priority line 5 International Cooperation) and is funded by the European Social Fund and the state budget. The project is implemented by National Training Fund, namely its Employment Team.

The main objective of the project is to support innovative approaches in the Czech employment policy through international cooperation between regional and national public employment services of EU countries, especially the new member countries. The target groups are professionals of the MoLSA and staff of Labour Offices. The other target groups are other stakeholders at the regional labour market as well as the researchers and education providers.

The project supports the experience exchange of public employment  services in the areas of development and implementation of employment policies and management of its institutional bodies, the transfer of (positive or negative) experience in foreign employment services at national and regional level and knowledge of the implementation of state policies in the European labour markets.

It is envisaged to organize the thematic seminars, international conference and particularly to develop the internet platform ProEmployment for presentation of examples of good practice and implementation of the European Employment Strategy at regional and national labour markets.

The project period is October 2010 - September 2013.

Key activities

 There are following key activities (KA) within the project:

Number of KA

Title of KA

Focus of KA

Implementation of KA


International Seminars
In this activity, partners will present their concrete experiences concerning implementation of current labour market policy. Seminar themes:
- Efficient Cooperation of Public Employment Services with Employers
- Efficient Activities of Public Employment Services during Economic Crisis
- Implementation of Flexicurity Measures at Regional and Local Level
- Innovative Interventions Focused on Long-term Unemployed People and Immigrants
1. seminar: March 2011
2. seminar: October 2011
3. seminar: April 2012
4. seminar: September 2012
5. seminar: March 2013


International conference
The conference will present findings from seminars and will be held primarily for the staff of Czech Labour Offices, as well as other cooperating subjects.
June 2013


Web site
Sites on the portal ProEmployment will serve for experience exchange and dissemination of good practice examples among staff of Czech public employment services.
October 2010 – September 2013


Mainly seminar and conference proceedings that will present examples of good practice in employment services.
After seminars, conference


Study visits and events
The study visits enable to get more information and inspirative examples of good practice, particularly from the partner countries.
February, June, September a November 2011
January, April, June, November 2012


Evaluation of acquired good practice and recommendations for their exploitation in the Czech Republic
The knowledge gained through the project will be evaluated by working group of Czech experts in terms of its usefulness for the Czech Republic. The output of this activity is an evaluation report with a list of appropriate procedures and findings and recommendations for labour market policy in the Czech republic.
After seminars, conference


Project Management and Administration
This activity represents the technical realization of the project, i.e. project and financial management, control and monitoring.
October 2010 – September 2013

Project Partners

The role of project partners is to identify experience and good practice of local subjects of public employment services. This experience will be presented and disseminated particularly through seminars, international conference, project web site and seminar and conference proceedings.

The project involves 8 international partners:

EU country

Name of Partner


Vlaamse Dienst voor Arbeidsbemiddeling en Beroepsopleiding, Brusel

(Flemish Public Employment and Vocational Training Service)


Ufficio Politiche Comunitarie e Rapporti Internazionali Provincia di Reggio Emilia, Reggio Emilia

(European Policies and International Relations Department Provincia di Reggio Emilia)


Nodarbinātības Valsts Agentura, Riga

(State Employment Agency)


Wojewódski Urzad Prący w Opolu, Opole

(Voivodeship Labour Office in Opole)

Wojewódski Urzad Prący w Gdansku, Gdansk

(Voivodeship Labour Office in Gdansk)

Wojewódski Urzad Prący w Olsztynie, Olsztyn

(Voivodeship Labour Office in Olsztyn)


Ústredie práce, sociálnych vecí a rodiny, Bratislava

(Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, Bratislava)


Zavod Republike Slovenije za Zaposlovanje, Ljubljana

(Employment Service of Slovenia)

Final Conference| 28.6.2013 |

In the framework of the international project the final conference was organised.

Synthesis Report from the last International Seminar prepared| 28.6.2013 |

On the basis of the 5th international seminar the synthesis report of written contributions of the seminars presentations was prepared.

Synthesis report Implementation of Flexicurity Measures at Regional and Local Level| 14.8.2012 |

On the basis of the 3rd international seminar the report of written contributions of the seminars presentations was prepared.

Seminar 4 Project Learning from Experience of PES Practitioners in EU | 2.8.2012 |

The fourth seminar within the project Learning from Experience of PES Practitioners in EU is about to take place in September 2012. The topic of the seminar is focused on Innovative interventions focused on long-term unemployed people and immigrants.